Our professional services are grouped into two category, first is services for Franchisor and secondly is for Franchisee.

1. Services for Franchisor

  a. Franchise System Development

We provide professional services for businessmen which are planning to franchise their business system. In this service,Ben WarG Consulting will be doing all steps to make the franchise system reedy to be offered to investors.

  b. Franchise Operation Support

We provide professional services for Franchisors which are already operating their franchise business. We service as consultant for them while developing operation programs as their responsibilities to their Franchisees. Aside consultancies, Ben WarG Consulting is ready to execute franchise operation programs such as managerial training and coaching, system documentation, system information management, business analysis etc.

  c. Franchise Marketing Agency

We provide professional services for Franchisor in consultancy and execution of franchise marketing programs. This program is particularly to expand Franchisor’s network and attract investors as many as possible. We also serve the brand development program that have been franchised or in the preparation to be franchised.


2. Services for Franchisee

a. Franchise Brokerage

We provide this service to investor intent to invest their capital to establish franchise outlet. We give them alternatives of franchise business, and consult them to choose one which meet with their requirements. Ben WarG Consulting analyze investor’s character, they location, amount of capital and competition map at the particular area.

b. Franchise Operation Consulting

We provide this service for the Franchisees which established a franchise outlet. We consult them an intensive assistance to prepare and operate their outlet. We offer alternatives of strategy, program and solution to run their outlet proper to the franchisor’s standard and running toward their financial target.